How We Work

Made Simple Process

Agree it

After you have submitted your details, David or one of the team will contact you to discuss your next car in more depth. If you have a specific vehicle in mind, this will let us understand what aspects and features are most desirable, and give the opportunity to discuss alternatives that you may not have considered. If you are looking for some help and guidance in choosing your next car, we will focus on your intended use to make appropriate recommendations. At the end of this stage we will have agreed with you the make, model and desired specification that you want us to find, allowing us to start the search on your behalf.

We don’t sell cars, we buy them. Our independence enables us to offer unbiased, relevant advice geared to the specific needs of our clients…Simple

Find it

We’ve been sourcing cars for clients for over a decade, in that time, we have built a network of contacts across franchise dealers and independent traders and have access to vehicles both in the public domain and those that have not yet reached the market. Using these relationships and our industry experience, we narrow down which of the cars available meet your requirements and draw up a shortlist for those cars and carry out our in-depth history checks.

Check it

Experience tells us that although a car may look good on the outside, it may not have a history to match and poor maintenance in the past could lead to problems in the future. To avoid this, we undertake extensive checking prior to offering a car to you, including a full HPI background check, National Mileage Register Investigation, MOT history check (if relevant), current and previous owner/s footprint, historic service schedules and verification audits. Once agreed and approved by you, we then also have options to undertake further physical inspections, including a full road test and multi-point condition and component operation inspection. It is only once we are completely satisfied that the vehicle meets our standard that we recommend buying it.

Buy it

It’s only when you are completely happy that the car we have proposed is the right one for you that we ask you to arrange a transfer of funds to us. Once in receipt, we conclude the purchase on your behalf and arrange for it to be delivered to us, where your new car will undergo our thorough, detailed preparation in readiness for handover.

Drive it

Whether you choose to collect your new car from us or have it delivered to you, it’s now time to simply enjoy it…